People shopping at West End Farmers Market

Food markets

Vancouver has two types of food markets: farmers markets and community food markets.

Both can be excellent ways to:

  • Support local food production and small businesses
  • Access food in your neighbourhood
  • Find fresh (and often local) produce and unique food products
  • Meet your neighbours, local producers, and food processors

Farmers markets

In neighbourhoods across the city, farmers markets bring together a community of farmers, fish and seafood harvesters, artisans, local breweries, distilleries, and food producers who supply locally-grown and produced foods.

Community food markets

Neighbourhood houses, BC Housing sites, community centres, and other social serving organizations can organize and manage community food markets.

Community food markets are small pop-up markets that sell fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods. These markets are typically offered in neighbourhoods with few food stores nearby, or where residents' mobility may prevent them from getting to stores. They emphasize low prices and good quality.

Community food markets address accessibility challenges that are sometimes associated with regular farmers markets, such as physical access or affordability.