Core Support Grants (CSG)

Key dates (spring grant)

  • Applications open: March 13, 2023
  • Application close: April 21, 2023

All applications will be submitted through VanApply.

Core Support Grants provide funding that addresses inequity and mitigates conditions that create vulnerability for residents of Vancouver.

Grants fund the direct delivery of social services to individual residents, and fund organizations that support other non-profits to improve their ability to deliver social services, address social issues, and navigate change.

If your organization receives a Core Support Grant (CSG) through the spring cycle (awarded in July), you are not eligible to apply for another CSG grant in the fall cycle, and must wait for the next spring cycle. Similarly, if your organization received a CSG grant through the fall cycle, you must wait for the next fall cycle to apply again.


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Social Policy Grants

Past programs

Review programs funded through Core Support Grants (Direct Social Services and Organizational Capacity Building prior to 2022) – listed in the first set of appendices.