Healthy City Stragtegy Goal 3: Feeding ourselves well

Growing your own food garden

Growing your own food helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by transporting fruits and vegetables over long distances.

Natural gardening

You can help the environment even more, by growing your food without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

By growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers without harmful chemcials, you help reduce the amount of toxins in our soil and water, and produce safe, healthy food for you and your family. 

Using rain barrels and other outdoor water saving techniques can help save water.

Watering your garden

During the summer, we regulate when you can water your lawn and garden in order to protect our drinking water supply. Generally, only lawn sprinkling is affected by these regulations.

If there is a complete ban on lawn sprinkling, you will be asked to water your vegetables by hand.

To make your summer watering as efficient as possible, consider using a drip navigation system for your garden.

Gardening classes

Need help getting your garden started? Our classes include:

  • Backyard and balcony gardening
  • Growing vegetables
  • Apple grafting
  • Other seasonal offerings

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Learn to keep your garden chemical free

Pesticide-free lawns and gardens

Pesticides can only be used in gardens to control infestations and destroy health hazards, not to beautify. Choose the right products and get tips.