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Transportation project template - consultation phase

Full-width introduction, one to two sentences per point – keep it brief:

  • What is this project about?
  • Why is it happening?
  • Why should the reader care? Consider using a slideshow if it helps persuade.
  • What important terms need defining? Define them inline, in context. Avoid a separate block for definitions.

Possibly replace with "what you need to know" summary block

What's happening

Full-width latest update:

  • What's going on with this project?
  • What are the calls-to-action?

Upcoming design shift: primary content block

Examples below.

Open houses: What do you think of ____?

What's the open house about? Why should people attend?

Open house information displays PDF file (5 MB)

Event date and time
Event location

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What happens next?

Survey: What do you think of ____?

What's the survey about? When does it end? How will people's responses help the project?

Take the survey

What happens next?

What we heard

What was our consultation activity, including dates? What are the top things we heard?

Consultation summary PDF file (5 MB)

What happens next?

Public hearing

What's City Council deciding on?

Event date and time
Event location

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Speak at the hearing

What happens next?

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Project area

Full-width description:

  • Where is the project exactly?

Map placeholder


If the project has multiple areas, use an accordion to describe each area in more detail.

Key issues, themes, or recommendations



  • Date

    Phase 1 title

    Short description

  • Date

    Phase 2 title

    Short description

  • Date

    Phase 3 title

    Short description

  • We are here
  • Date

    City Council decision

    Short description

  • Date


    Short description

View past updates and documents from the consultation phase of this project (link to old consultation phase page, now demoted as a child page of this delivery phase page)

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