Art Phillips

Former Mayor Art Phillips presented with the Freedom of the City

Former Vancouver Mayor Art Phillips was awarded the Freedom of the City award on July 6, 2010.

A champion of livability and inclusivity

Phillips was elected Mayor in 1973. He had previously founded the municipal political party TEAM (The Electors Action Movement) and also served as Alderman from 1968 until his term as the Mayor of Vancouver.

Art Phillips helped shape Vancouver through his vision and commitment to public service. During his time in office, he fundamentally changed the political and social direction of our city. Among his many achievements, Phillips is noted for adding social housing and parks, and ending plans for a downtown expressway.

With his innovative thinking and financial acumen, he was also responsible for the creation of the Property Endowment Fund, a valuable legacy still benefiting the City.

He has made an indelible mark on Vancouver, and his leadership and achievements continue to influence and inspire the City today.

About the Freedom of the City award

The Freedom of the City is the highest award given by the City of Vancouver. The City grants the award only in exceptional cases to individuals of the highest merit. The recipient is usually someone who has gained national and international acclaim in the arts, business, or philanthropy, and who has brought recognition to Vancouver through his or her achievements.

The City began honouring individuals with the Freedom of the City Award in 1936.

Recipients of the award are recognized during a special ceremony at Council, which consists of the reading and presentation of a framed scroll, the Freedom Medal, and a decal that permits free parking at City parking meters. Recipients have their names inscribed in the Book of Freedoms and are entitled to be called Freeman of the City of Vancouver.

Members of City Council nominate individuals for the award. According to the Vancouver Charter (Section 205), these nominations must be approved by unanimous vote of Council.