Commissioner Camil Dumont

Commissioner Camil Dumont

Board Chair

Commissioner Camil Dumont of the Green Party joins the Park Board for his first term.

He will prioritize ecological, social, and economic sustainability for Park Board projects, as well as collaboration and listening.

He will promote reconciliation, healthy recreation and active transportation, and provide a welcoming and inclusive standard at every Park Board facility, for all ages, genders, abilities, and backgrounds. 

Commissioner Dumont is a life-long Vancouverite. He is the head farmer and executive director of Inner City Farms Society and was employed as a seasonal worker with the Park Board for over a decade. Camil has a BA and MSc from the University of British Columbia.

Park Board liaison

  • Hastings Community Association
  • Riley Park Hillcrest Community Association
  • Stanley Park Ecological Society
  • Strathcona Community Centre Association
  • Vancouver Field Sports Federation

Contact Commissioner Camil Dumont

Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation
2099 Beach Ave
Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

Phone: 604-348-6697


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