Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon

Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon

Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon joins the Park Board for a third term.

Better parks and recreation for Vancouver has been Commissioner Mackinnon's passion for many years. He has been an advocate for parks and green space issues, with a focus on access, preservation, and conservation.

A retired teacher from Killarney Secondary, Commissioner Mackinnon is a believer in life-long learning. He has a BA in anthropology, a BEd in teaching English as a second language, and a MA Ed in leadership and administration.

Commissioner Mackinnon believes we must honour Vancouver's rich, natural beauty by prioritizing ecological, social, and economic sustainability for projects undertaken by the Park Board, and take a proactive stance toward increasing biodiversity, protecting wildlife, and preserving habitat.

He will work in close collaboration with partners and staff to provide a welcoming and inclusive standard at every Park Board facility, for all ages, genders, abilities, and backgrounds. In addition, he will promote climate action, reconciliation, active transportation, and clean, safe public spaces for everyone.

Park Board liaison

  • Association Presidents Group
  • Britannia Community Services Society
  • RayCam Co-operative Association
  • Sunset Community Association
  • Vancouver Public Library Board
  • Vancouver Skateboard Coalition

Contact Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon

Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation
2099 Beach Ave
Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

Phone: 604-379-7715

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