Views of Granville Island Moorage

False Creek North destination walk

Route statistics

Distance 2.44 km
Steps 3,202
Elevation change 9 m

The False Creek North Walk is 2.4 km, and approximately 3,202 steps. It covers nearly the entire stretch of the north side of the inlet. Traveling along the seawall, the route passes beneath all three bridges and through several of downtown Vancouver’s carefully developed waterfront communities. 

Route details

The north side of False Creek, once home to Expo 86, is divided into several neighbourhoods with each precinct centered on a bay and separated by a public park. The areas have been designed by different teams and constructed with unique materials to provide a distinct feeling.

As you walk along the route notice the changes in colour and design. The starting point for the walk beneath the Cambie Street Bridge at Cooper's Park is within the Quayside neighbourhood. This area is mainly white and very striking. Travel west along the seawall to Marinaside Crescent you will find the pathway is paved with brick, divided for walkers and cyclists, and lit by oversized lampposts.

The walkway is at a lower level than, or entirely away from the street and offers seclusion from vehicle traffic. The small bays along this walk have marinas with many moored yachts, and ferry docks which have small pedestrian ferries shuttling commuters to and from various points along False Creek.


Points of interest

  • Cambie Street Bridge, Granville Street Bridge, Burrard Street Bridge
  • Roundhouse Community Centre, Train Engine No. 274 (the first engine to pull a passenger train into Vancouver)
  • Cooper's Park, David Lam Park, and George Wainborn Park
  • Vancouver Aquatic Centre
  • Many waterfront restaurants and shops
  • False Creek passenger ferries


This route is made up of paved walking and cycling paths with only a small incline.

For those with limited mobility an alternate path is available to bypass a set of stairs under the Burrard Street Bridge. Follow the route markers along the seawall to bypass these stairs.