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View from Queen Elizabeth Park

Hillcrest to Queen Elizabeth Park

Route statistics

Distance 2.98 km
Steps 3010
Elevation change 51 m


Take a walk around Hillcrest Centre, one of our Olympic venues as well as Queen Elizabeth Park, the highest point in the city. Paths through wooded areas, beautifully maintained gardens, Indigenous public art pieces and scenic views of downtown and the Two Sisters in the North Shore Mountains are only some of the visually spectacular sights to see along this route.

Route description

The Hillcrest to Queen Elizabeth Park route was created to highlight one of our 2010 Winter Olympic venues as well as the greater community around it. This route will take you to the highest point in the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. From here you can see some of the most spectacular views of the city, including the Two Sisters in the North Shore Mountains. Take a walk through the Riley Park neighbourhood and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of a residential area just minutes from the city centre. Your walk begins at the entrance to Hillcrest Centre, which features two pieces of Indigenous public art.



This route is made up of city sidewalks, paved and paved dirt paths. On the northside of Midlothian Ave at Clancy Loranger Way there are steps and a path available on a large incline for those wanting a quicker route into the park. Those who want a more gradual incline will want to follow to displayed route.

  • The walk starts at the main enterance to Hillcrest Centre. Walk south, crossing Midlothian Ave. At this point there is a stair case that leads to a steep path, those wanting to head straight into the park can take this route. If you are looking for a more accessible route turn left and walk along west side of Midlothian Ave.
  • Turn left at the enterance to Queen Elizabeth Park and walk up the gradual incline
  • Turn right as you approach the "Y" in the road and follow until you reach the duck pond
  • A paved path leads into the park along the far side of the Duck Pond, follow the path to the Quarry Garden
  • As you enter the Quarry Garden stay right and follow the path that circles the Garden. This circle path takes you up a gradual incline to to the top of the garden in front of the Bloedel Conservatory. This area is the highest point in Vancouver and boasts a scenic view of Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.
  • Walk around of the Conservatory to the plaza and explore the plaza.
  • Retrace your steps to the Conservatory entrance and turn right. Proceed along the main parkway, bearing right returning to Midlothian Ave.
  • Turn right and proceed to Ontario St. Turn left on Ontario which will take you past Nat Bailey Stadium and Riley Park.
  • Turn left as you approach the intersection of Peveril Ave and Ontario St and head towards the back enterance to Hillcrest Centre.

Points of interest

Grand Entry

Quarry and Rose gardens

Love locks sculpture

Bloedel Conservatory

Dancing Waters fountain

Knife Edge - Two Piece

Riley Park