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Lost Lagoon

Lost Lagoon destination walk

Route statistics

Distance 1.8 km
Steps 2,362
Elevation change 2 m

As you enter Stanley Park from Georgia Street, Lost Lagoon is the beautiful body of water to the west of the causeway. A walk around Lost Lagoon is only 1.8 km or 2,362 steps and will take about 30 minutes. Though it is a relatively short walk there is much to discover.

Route description

In the past, the incoming high tide water from Coal Harbour would flow onto the tidal flat and fill-up the Lagoon almost reaching to English Bay then at low tide the ocean water would slip away. Construction of the Stanley Park causeway in the 1920s has left Lost Lagoon as a freshwater pond. The northeast side of the Lagoon acts as a bio-filtration marsh filtering causeway run-off through a series of holding ponds.


This walk is wheelchair accessible. Pathways are a mix of pavement, paving stones and hard packed gravel.

Points of interest


Stanley Park Ecology Society

Golden Jubilee Fountain

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