Musqueam Park

Musqueam Park destination walk

Route statistics

Distance 5 km
Steps 6,561
Elevation change 20 m

The Musqueam Park Walk is an out and back loop. One of the longer Destination Walks, a complete circuit totals 5 km, or approximately 6,561 steps. It offers a diverse array of scenery and has both rich history and modern day social and cultural significance. This is a wonderful route for those looking to experience an environment that has retained original characteristics, as well as undergone great change. Take a walk along this fantastic route and explore a truly unique and significant urban wilderness.

Route details

The Musqueam Park walking route travels through the Dunbar-Southlands neighbourhood in the south west corner of Vancouver. The area is a quiet rural region within a major metropolis, and may be unique in the world. The wooded area has a rustic and remote feeling, and is somewhat isolated from the rest of the City. This walk offers a peaceful escape away from the hustle and bustle of typical urban living.

The walk is defined by the area’s geography, and zoning. Southlands is unlike any other community in Vancouver. It has been granted a special semi-agricultural zoning status which allows residents to keep livestock within 20 minutes from the core of a modern, world-class city. The walking route travels along a path that has been created with equestrian use as a top priority.


This walk is wheelchair accessible consisting of gravel and concrete paths as well as roadways.

Points of interest

  • The Fraser River
  • Musqueam Golf and Learning Academy, Point Grey Golf and Country Club
  • Musqueam traditional lands
  • Musqueam Park, and Deering Island Park
  • Musqueam Creek and Cutthroat Creek