Additional event information by topic

Common topics to consider when planning an event


Alcohol: view the rules for selling or serving alcohol at events in Vancouver, download forms, and find contact information.

Charitable or non-profit event

Charitable or non-profit events in Vancouver - find out what resources are available and how you can access them.

Event fees and charges

If you are planning an event in Vancouver, learn more about the fees required including permit fees, application fees, deposits, and related costs.

Event grants

Learn about some of the grants and subsidies available for events in Vancouver.


Selling or serving food at events in Vancouver - find out what you need to know, need to do, and who to talk to.

Goods and services

Do you want to offer goods or services (souvenirs, rides, and so on) at your event in Vancouver? Find out what you can do, who to talk to, and more.

Greening your event

Make your event more sustainable with our Green Events Planning Guide. How will you manage garbage and recycling? Hire us, a business, or do it yourself.


Events in Vancouver can have additional requirements if they are held in certain locations. Read the rules, find contact information, and more.