People recycling their waste at an event

Greening your event

Planning an outdoor event on Vancouver streets or in parks?

Our Green Events Planning Guide will help you plan your green event with tips, checklists, and information sheets for vendors and volunteers. The guide provides information on local suppliers and service providers, as well as services and equipment that we can provide.

As part of your event application, you must fill in a green event form that explains how you plan to minimize your event's environmental impact.

The form will ask about your efforts to help make Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020 through:

  • Reduction of waste, water, and energy
  • Use of sustainable food, products, and services
  • Education of guests about environmental initiatives

To start the process, tell us how you will manage waste and recycling disposal at your event.

Questions about greening your event?


Apply for City waste or recycling service and equipment

We can provide waste and recycling totes for your event and equipment such as water fountains, bike racks, and signage.

Our services include delivery, pick-up, and cost of waste disposal. 

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Remove event waste or recycling with a business or by yourself

Hiring a business or managing your event waste and recycling yourself? Tell us about your green event plan. We have limited equipment such as water fountains, bike racks, and signage for rent. Staff are also available to help with your plan. 

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 Event organizers are responsible for leaving the event area clean and litter-free. If waste is left in the area, the organizer will be charged for City clean-up services. Do not use existing waste and recycling bins on City or Parks property.