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We can provide recycling and waste totes for your event as well as equipment such as water stations and bike racks.

Help the environment and your budget

Keep your costs down by:

  • Assigning at least two volunteers to monitor recycling stations and help attendees sort waste into appropriate streams to avoid contamination
  • Use way finding signage to identify where recycling stations are located
  • Use imagery on signs at recycling stations that show what items go into which stream

We collect recyclables and food scraps from your event the same way we do from houses and duplexes.

Estimate your costs

We suggest one recycling station per 500 people and one per food preparation station. Recycling stations have four bins: food scraps, container recycling, paper recycling, and garbage.  

Prices do not include tax or 15% administrative fee per event.

Item Rental fee (per item) Frequency Service Cost per tote (if event is multi day)
Delivery and pick-up service   Per event $225
Container recycling bin rental (240 L) $5 Per pick-up $7
Paper recycling bin rental (240 L) $5 Per pick-up $7
Food scrap recycling bin rental (240 L) $5 Per pick-up $7
Garbage bin rental (240 L) $12 Per pick-up $7
Clear bin liners     $1.15
Bike rack rental $5 Each  
Water wagon $25 Each  

Use our calculator to get an idea of your costs  (12 KB)

 Recycling bins contaminated with garbage will be charged $15 per bin instead of $10.

Equipment available for rent

We rent additional greening equipment. You can mix and match what you might need. Learn about the equipment available below.

Quantities are limited and a strong volunteer presence is recommended.

The delivery fee includes all equipment for each event.

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