A woman uses a bottle of dish soap to create a art at a street craft fair event.

Apply for an open streets permit (Water Street pedestrian zone)

Open street permit applications are now open.

We’re introducing a new and easy way for community organizations, residents and local businesses to bring their creative activations to life during the Water Street pedestrian zone pilot this July and August, 2024.  

The open streets permit is designed to facilitate small-scale events and creative activities on the 300 Block Water St from Richards to Carrall Street (Maple Tree Square).

The permit is available at no cost, to people and organizations who plan to host free: 

  • Community games (for example board games, chess, mah-jong, and more)  
  • Educational activities and events 
  • Storytelling or cultural sharing 
  • Live music or arts performances 
  • Community pop-up events 

Don’t see your idea listed? Email openstreetspermit@vancouver.ca to see if your activity is eligible under this permit.

Apply for a Water Street open street permit


Expanding opportunities for local businesses 

In addition to community-led activities, the open streets permit allows for more flexible opportunities for local businesses who wish to participate in the pedestrian zone pilot. 

Eligible businesses: Local businesses in the Gastown Business Improvement Society can apply for an open street permit.

Water Street Pedestrian Zone pilot

We’re temporarily turning Water Street into a vibrant, people-friendly pedestrian zone.

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