Sign permit

All signs on private property in Vancouver require sign permits except:

  • Signs containing only the building number and street name
  • Signs located within a building, if the sign cannot be seen from the street; however, these signs may require a building permit and an electrical permit if they are lit
  • Signs related to traffic, parking, directions, and bus shelters if those signs are authorized by the City Engineer

A permit is required for any sign type described in the definitions section of the Sign By-law. If a sign type is not described in the Sign By-law, it is not allowed. Depending on the type of sign, additional signs may be required, including an awning permit or building permit. For more information, read the Sign By-law or contact the Development and Building Services Centre (contact information is at the bottom of this page).

If the property is on the Vancouver Heritage Register, a heritage alteration permit is also needed. You can apply for that permit at the same time as the sign permit.

For more information please see the Sign By-law user guides.


To apply for a sign permit, submit a completed application form (1 MB).

The application form must be completed in full, with attached documentation, at the time of submitting a permit application.

Register and submit your application

Applications may also be submitted to the Development and Building Services Centre (contact information is at the bottom of this page).


Standard sign permit application fee: $384

  • Additional fees apply to signs that require electrical connections, a relaxation, or a billboard. For more information, consult Schedule 1 of the Sign Fee By-law (391 KB).
  • Fees are due at the time of permit application. If you are applying by mail or courier, include a cheque payable to the City of Vancouver. If you are applying in person, you can pay by cheque or credit card.
  • If a sign is installed without a permit, the penalty is equal to double the applicable permit fee. For instance, the penalty for a standard non-illuminated sign is: $384 x 2 = $768.