Tax Deferment Program

The Property Tax Deferment Program is a low-interest provincial loan program designed to help qualified BC home owners pay their annual property taxes.

 You cannot defer any property taxes owing from previous years, penalties, or interest.

 You cannot defer your Empty Homes Tax (Vacancy Tax) through this program.

Are you on the Tax Instalment Pre-Payment Plan (TIPP)?

If you are on the Tax Instalment Pre-Payment Plan (TIPP) and wish to defer your taxes, you must send in a separate request 30 days prior to the next payment date to cancel your TIPP payments. Depending on the timing of your cancellation, you may not have taxes left outstanding to defer in the current year. 

Please send this request by either:

 You should receive an advance tax notice with the amount of zero while in the deferment program. Closing your deferment account will result in the full advance amount appearing on your next scheduled advance tax notice (i.e., half of the prior year’s taxes).

Apply or renew your property tax deferral

Apply for or renew your property tax deferment

For more information, contact the Province at 1-250-387-0555, toll-free at 1-888-355-2700, or email

Remember to claim your home owner grant online

You must claim your home owner grant each year, even if you are paying through your mortgage or deferring your payment. 

Financial institutions no longer accept home owner grants.

Starting 2018, there is no option to mail home owner grants. Don’t have computer access? With your permission, anyone can apply on your behalf. 

Claim your grant online