Fire and Life Safety House in action

Fire safety for children

Teach children how to be safe around fire. When you teach your children proper fire safety early, they will know to be responsible teenagers and adults where fire safety is concerned.

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services provides the tools listed below to help teach fire safety to young people. Educate children early, and supervise their responsible use of fire.

Fire and life safety training for kids

Book the Fire and Life Safety House for your school

The Fire and Life Safety House is a portable classroom where firefighters teach fire protection and home fire safety tips to Grade 3 students within Vancouver schools.

Borrow the Pre-school or Kindercare fire safety kit

Pre-school or primary school teachers can teach fire safety with the Pre-school or Kindercare kit, with classroom activities designed for young students.

Vancouver fire halls

Find a fire hall in your neighbourhood. Schools and community groups can arrange a fire hall tour to learn and remember fire safety tips.

Contact Fire Rescue Fire and Life Safety Education

Fire & Life Safety Education
Vancouver Fire Rescue Services
900 Heatley Avenue
Vancouver BC, V6A 3S7