Fire extinguisher training

Get fire extinguisher training

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services offers training about fire safety and using fire extinguishers for groups and organizations in Vancouver.

Training details

Topics covered 

  • Fire science
  • Types of fires
  • Leading causes of fire
  • Making the right decision
  • Types of portable fire extinguishers
  • How to operate fire extinguishers


  • 2 hours (1 hour theory and 1 hour practical)

Group size 

  • 12 to 24 people 

Location options

  • Your facility (needs an open outdoor area for the practical training, and a teaching room with a TV, projector screen, or empty wall to project onto)  
  • Our training facility at 1330 Chess Street 
  • Our training facility at 2992 Westbrook Mall (UBC)


  • $45 per person 


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About the training centre

Fire and Rescue training courses are taught where we train our members in the latest firefighting, medical response, and search and rescue techniques.

Washrooms and free parking are available on site.

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