Firefighter extinguishing a fire with a fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers

When properly used, a portable fire extinguisher can put out a small fire, or control a small fire until the fire department arrives. Choose the quantity based on your residence type:

  • Apartment: One mounted in the kitchen, close to the exit
  • House: Two – one in the kitchen, another in the workshop or utility room
  • Business: A minimum of one. For more information, contact Fire Prevention by phoning 3-1-1 or 604-873-7000 (outside Vancouver).

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Vancouver Fire Rescue Services teach fire and life safety courses where you can learn valuable life and safety skills, and gain hands on fire extinguishing experience. Register yourself, or arrange for us to teach your group to prevent fires in your home, business, school, and other private and public places.

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What you need to know - tips and how tos

In an emergency, there is no time to read directions. Your fire extinguisher is only reliable if:

  • You have installed your fire extinguisher where it is easy to reach
  • You have maintained your fire extinguisher properly and it is fully charged
  • You know how to use your fire extinguisher safely

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