Fire safety for building owners

What you need to know

Under the Vancouver Fire By-law, building owners or their authorized agents are responsible for fire safety within their buildings.

The term owner means:

  • The registered owner
  • A lessee or sublessee
  • A holder of an agreement for sale and purchase
  • The occupier, in cases of Crown-owned lands

Review and download the necessary documents to make sure your properties meet all fire safety and regulatory standards.

Key topics

  • Fire safety plans: Every building with a fire alarm system must have a fire safety plan. Understand the requirements and procedures to keep your building safe.
  • Supervisory staff: Learn about the roles and responsibilities and how to sign up for training.
  • Fire watch: A fire watch is required when part of the fire protection systems are not functioning. Learn more about the procedures and logs, and how to cancel a fire watch. 
  • Hoarding: Address the fire risks associated with hoarding and how to manage them.
  • Notice of Violation and resources: Review what steps to take if you receive a Notice of Violation and access helpful resources.
  • Fire safety practices: Learn how to safely handle rechargeable batteries and understand the ban on lockable lighters.
  • Fire prevention equipment: Review guidelines and best practices for using and maintaining fire prevention equipment.
  • Safety planning and regulations: Get the latest on safety planning and compliance with fire safety regulations.
  • Fire system management: Learn more about managing and maintaining fire safety systems in your building.

Fire safety plans

Supervisory staff

Fire watch


Notice of Violation and resources

Fire safety practices

Fire prevention equipment

Safety planning and regulations

Fire system management