Know the disaster response routes

disaster response route signVancouver's disaster response routes (DRRs) are pre-identified road, rail, and marine transportation routes that can best move emergency services and supplies in response to major disaster.

DRRs will be used for services such as transporting and treating sick and injured people, maintaining law and order, rescuing trapped people, and restoring essential services.

Routes not for use by the general public

All disaster response routes are clearly marked with road signs. Know and recognize these signs. When a state of emergency is declared, stay off of roads marked as disaster response routes.

A disaster response route helps emergency responders get to people who need help quickly. This includes: 

  • Fire, police, ambulance, and military vehicles
  • Vehicles with a disaster response route tag 
  • Vehicles driven by someone with disaster response route identification

Warning Disaster response routes are not evacuation routes for use by the general public.

Disaster response routes in Metro Vancouver area

Map of southwest BC with disaster routes identified


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