Personal and family emergency preparedness


Your guide to keeping safe. Find out everything you must know to stay safe during an earthquake or other emergency.

Emergency planning guide

Plan for an emergency with your family

Find out how to create a family plan so you and your family can stay together and stay safe during an earthquake or other emergency.

Emergency planning for people with disabilities and special needs

Emergencies can present additional challenges for seniors and people with special needs. By planning ahead, you can be more confident about protecting yourself in any emergency.

Pet emergency preparedness

Learn how to prepare your pets for an earthquake or other natural disaster in Vancouver.

Vehicle emergency preparedness

How to drive safely in a disaster. Vehicle emergency kit.

Identify possible hazards in your home

Learn to identify and remove potential hazards in your home, so you stay safe during an earthquake or other disaster.

Prepare your home for an earthquake

Follow these simple tips to keep yourself, your belongings, and your home safe during an earthquake.

Hazards that could affect our city

Find out what natural disasters can happen where you live and work, so you can learn how to be prepared for them.

Make an emergency kit

Learn to make evacuation and emergency supply kits, and be self-sufficient for up to three days during an emergency.

Emergency food, water, and sanitation

Learn how to store the food and water you and your family will need if they are not readily available after an emergency.

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