Water and sewer repair costs

Water leaks or floods on private property

Property owners will not be charged for the repair if:

  • The source of the leak is determined to be on the portion of the water line owned by the City (the shut-off valve at the property line, and the water line that connects the valve to City water main), and
  • No prior work has been undertaken that causes damage to the water system

However, if the leaks are on the property owner's side of the water line shut-off valve, then the property owner will be invoiced for the visit. The City will turn off the water, if necessary, for the property owner to repair the leak.

Water service call fees and hours

Fees are based on the scheduled time of your service call. Tax is included.

Scheduled time of service call Cost per service call
Regular service calls  
Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 6pm $105
Saturday and Sunday, 8:30am to 6pm $105
Emergency service calls  
Holidays anytime and all times not listed above $210
(includes follow-ups within 2 hours)

 We cover the cost of repairing water service leaks on City property only. If you request a service call and the cause of the leak is on private property, we will bill the property owner for the fees above. We don't repair water leaks on private property.

Sewage backups or sewer blockages

Sewer system backups and blockages can be caused by:

  • Objects being accidentally placed into the private plumbing system
  • Tree roots that invade underground drainage pipes
  • Collapsed sewer pipe

Sewer repair fees and hours

Tax included in all charges. Fees include labour costs for two workers, equipment rental, travel time, and overhead costs.

 On average, crews require between 2 and 2½ hours to clear sewer backups or blockages. Service calls dispatched after hours, on weekends, or on statutory holidays will incur the flat rate minimum call-out charge for two hours of work.

Monday to Friday, 7am to 3:30pm

Length of service call Cost
30 minutes $122.14
1 hour $189.07
1.5 hours $256.01
2 hours $322.94
2.5 hours $389.88
3 hours $456.81
3.5 hours $523.76
4 hours $590.69

Monday to Friday, 3:30pm to 12 midnight

Length of service call Cost
30 minutes $123.29
1 hour $191.37
1.5 hours $259.46
2 hours $327.54
2.5 hours $395.63
3 hours $463.71
3.5 hours $531.81
4 hours $599.89

Monday to Friday, 12 midnight to 7am

Length of service call Cost
2 hour flat rate minimum $467.68
3 hours $630.22
4 hours $792.76

Weekends and statutory holidays, 24 hrs / day

Length of service call Cost
2 hour flat rate minimum $467.68
3 hours $630.22
4 hours $792.76

Ask the City to refund your sewer blockage bill

Does the plumber think your sewer blockage was caused by the City's sewage system? If yes, you may submit a request to the City to consider a refund.

If the City decides you qualify for a refund, only reasonable sewer service cleaning costs are considered. Generally the City does not consider plumbing services such as video inspections, toilet removal and reinstallation, materials or environmental fees.

If the plumber does not resolve the issue and/or the City was required to attend following your plumber’s visit, there may or may not be a refund.

To submit a request, send a letter to the City of Vancouver which includes the following:

  1. Incident date and location (address of the sewer blockage)
  2. Describe the sewer blockage:
    • Where the plumber access your sewer pipe (basement sump, toilet stub, outside stack, etc.)
    • What was the cause of the blockage
    • Where was the blockage located
  3. Include the original plumbing invoice
  4. Mail to:

City of Vancouver
Attention: City Clerk
C/O Unstop Administrator
453 West 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

The letter must be received by the city within two months of the incident date. Requests received after the two-month period will not be considered.

 IMPORTANT: Keep copies of all documents for your personal records before sending them to the City.