Park playground in the process of being built

How we design and build

We're in a new era of park development and as we continue to grow, parks and open spaces will increasingly become outdoor living rooms and backyards for residents of all ages.

Our Park Development team is a dedicated group of landscape architects, engineers, archaeologists, arborists, and GIS technicians that lead the design and construction of all parks, outdoor recreation, natural areas, and habitats, as well as all park infrastructure both new and renewed.

Park development projects range from small neighbourhood park renewals to large, complex park and recreation multi-year projects that involve multi-disciplinary project teams. Public Engagement informs the design of these projects by identifying community needs and interests. 

The Park Development team oversees the construction of these projects and ensures that existing parks and recreation assets as well as new parks and facilities are delivered to meet Vancouver’s growing population and changing needs.

New parks

As the city grows, new green spaces are vital to the health of our communities.

Park renovation

All parks eventually age to the point where their amenities and materials need updating.

Path and Seawall upgrades

Our Seawall and paths are under constant wear and tear due to weather, tides, and heavy use.

Recently completed parks

Visit and celebrate our new and recently renovated park spaces.

Park Development Standards

Select sections of or download the complete Park Board Development Standards document.

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 Path and Seawall upgrades

 Recently completed parks

 Park renovation

 New park


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