Restoration of a waterfront park by Vancouver Park Board

Park renovation

We design parks to be durable, however all parks eventually age to the point where their amenities and materials need updating.

Renovations may include a variety of details such as playgrounds, sports fields, or water features.  

Alder Bay dock

The dock for non-motorized watercraft in Alder Bay is nearing the end of its service life and needs replacing.

Beaver Lake

The Vancouver Park Board is restoring and enhancing Beaver Lake in Stanley Park. Get project news, details, and background information.

Brewers Park

We are developing a renewal plan for Brewers Park and will review the usage and condition of park features for improvements.

Cathedral Square

Named for the Holy Rosary Cathedral it faces, Cathedral Square is a small oasis in the eastern edge of downtown Vancouver.

Cedar Cottage

We are upgrading Cedar Cottage Park and the playground, adding more green space and a new multi-purpose sports court.

Champlain Heights

Learn about how the Park Board is upgrading the playgrounds in Champlain Heights.

Charleson Park

The Vancouver Park Board is replacing a portion of the playground at Charleson Park.

China Creek North

China Creek North Park upgrades include a new playground, a staircase or accessible connection, and washroom facilities.

Clark Park

The Vancouver Park Board is upgrading the east playground in Clark Park, pending funding.

Clinton Park

We are developing a plan to refurbish the play area and other amenities near the field house at Clinton Park.

Coopers Park extension

We have an exciting opportunity to expand Coopers’ Park into the adjacent area under Cambie Bridge.

Connaught Park

The Vancouver Park Board will be renewing the spray park in Connaught Park to make it more engaging, accessible, and sustainable.

Douglas Park

The Vancouver Park Board will start rebuilding the playground at Douglas Park in 2017.

John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park

We are developing a master plan for John Hendry Park and Trout Lake. Find out how you can be involved, and get park plan updates.

Jones Park

Learn how the Vancouver Park Board is renewing Jones park.

Jubilee Fountain

Learn about the restoration of the Jubilee Fountain in Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park.

Memorial South

We are considering placing age friendly outdoor fitness equipment in Memorial South Park. We would like your input.

Pandora Park

The Vancouver Park Board wants to replace one or more tennis courts in Pandora Park with more green space and a new sports court for basketball.

Playing field upgrades

We want to increase the supply of synthetic turf playing fields to meet the needs of field sport users in the city.


We are identifying which features to implement in the first phase of renewing Renfrew Ravine Park and Renfrew Community Park.

Quilchena Skateboard Park

We are repairing and renewing the Quilchena skateboard park. The skate park will be closed until late November 2017.

Ross Park

The wading pool at Ross Park has been selected for conversion to a spray park. It will maintain the same footprint and will include new paving, a variety of spray types, and interactive features.


Construction is in progress at Sunset Park. The dog off-leash area and the park east of Prince Edward Street are closed.

Tatlow and Volunteer Park stream

We are restoring the historical stream in Volunteer and Tatlow parks and the English Bay shoreline.

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