Synthetic turf soccer field

Playing field upgrades

Synthetic turf fields can provide more than 5 times the use than a natural turf facility.

Synthetic turf fields are durable and efficient facilities.

When lit, these fields can accommodate 50-80 hours a week of programming, compared to roughly 14 hours a week for natural turf facilities, like grass fields.

The Vancouver Park Board wants to increase the supply of synthetic turf playing fields.

Despite adding seven new synthetic turf fields over the past 10 years, demand continues to exceed supply.

Staff worked collaboratively with representatives of the Vancouver Field Sport Federation and the Vancouver School Board to create a shortlist of candidate sites.

Three sites were approved for further review and public engagement in October 2017 and two existing synthetic turf fields were later included to consider adding lighting.

What's happening

On Monday, April 15, staff brought forward a report to the Park Board recommending facility upgrades and outlines next steps for the playing field upgrade project.


The Vancouver Park Board approve the installation of:

  • A synthetic turf playing field and lighting at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, on the existing grass playfield and diamond adjacent to West 57th Ave, pending approval of a shared-use agreement with the Vancouver School Board
  • Outdoor lighting at: 
    • Hillcrest Park, on the existing mini synthetic turf playing field
    • Kitsilano Secondary, on the existing synthetic turf field, pending approval of a shared-use agreement with the Vancouver School Board

Next steps

We'll work with the Vancouver School Board to develop detailed designs and solicit contractor bids for the recommended installations. We'll also develop a shared-use agreement outlining how the Park Board and School Board will work together to build, maintain, and program the facilities. 

Park Board staff will strike a synthetic playing field advisory group including residents and field sport users. The advisory group will consider service levels, sustainability goals, and technical analysis, and will support the broader public engagement process for siting new synthetic turf facilities in Vancouver parks.

We'll work with the advisory group, residents, and the Vancouver Field Sport Federation to develop concepts and recommendations for new synthetic turf playing field sites by spring 2020. 

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