Synthetic turf soccer field

Playing field upgrades

Synthetic turf fields can provide more than 5 times the use than a natural turf facility.

Synthetic turf fields are durable and efficient facilities.

When lit, these fields can accommodate 50-80 hours a week of programming, compared to roughly 14 hours a week for natural turf facilities, like grass fields.

The Vancouver Park Board wants to increase the supply of synthetic turf playing fields.

Despite adding seven new synthetic turf fields over the past 10 years, demand continues to exceed supply.

Staff worked collaboratively with representatives of the Vancouver Field Sport Federation and the Vancouver School Board to create a shortlist of candidate sites.

Three sites were approved for further review and public engagement in October 2017 and two existing synthetic turf fields were later included to consider adding lighting.

What's happening

Five open houses and an online survey were held in November and December 2018. In response to input received, we're developing an enhanced and phased process to better incorporate your concerns and interests in new design plans for significant playing field upgrades or additions in Vancouver parks.

In the coming weeks, we'll bring forward a report with an engagement summary and recommendations for next steps for each of the five locations being evaluated.

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