Illustration of Coopers Park

Coopers' Park is expanding

We have an exciting opportunity to expand Coopers’ Park into the adjacent area under Cambie Bridge.

Developing under the bridge provides cover from the weather and the possibility for year-round use in a uniquely urban environment.

In 2018, we presented five big ideas. Based on feedback we've developed a unique, Pacific Northwest themed fitness area to support parkour and calisthenics. As part of this project we're also renewing the playground.

What's happening

2019 open house

On September 7, a second public engagement was held to receive feedback on the proposed concept for the fitness area and playground renewal at Coopers’ Park.

2018 open house

On May 30, we held an open house about the Coopers' Park extension project. 


Here is our progress and planned steps.

  • May 30, 2018

    First public engagement

  • Summer 2018 - spring 2019

    Conceptual design phase

  • Summer 2019

    Second public consultation

  • We are here
  • Spring 2020

    Ask for Board approval

  • To be determined

    Pending on seismic upgrades to Cambie St Bridge and coordination of cycling network

Contact us

Lehran Hache