Aerial view of the track at Killarney Park

Killarney Park track and field upgrades

The Vancouver Park Board, in collaboration with the Vancouver School Board, is upgrading and expanding the running track at Killarney Park to a more comprehensive track and field facility following recommendations outlined in the Track and Field Strategy

The upgraded amenities will:

  • Improve training and recreational opportunities for track and field and running clubs, school groups, and facility users
  • Better serve the city’s population growth and increased participation in track and field sports
  • Help provide equitable access to these facilities and promote participation in physical activity

Proposed upgrades

  • A new standardized 8-lane running track with rubberized surfacing
  • Expansion of the facility to include jumping and throwing amenities
  • A new natural grass infield that accommodates throw sports (discus, hammer toss, and javelin) 
  • Spectator seating opportunities
  • On-site storage

What's happeningApproved design and construction timeline

On November 27, 2023, the Park Board approved the project concept design, which includes a natural grass infield. The detailed design is in progress, and construction is expected to start in late 2024.


  • Fall 2019

    Citywide Track and Field Strategy approved

  • Fall 2021 to fall 2022

    Project planning and scoping

  • Fall 2022 to fall 2023

    Site analysis, stakeholder engagement and concept design

  • November 2023

    Concept plan approved

  • Winter 2023 to fall 2024

    Detailed design

  • We are here
  • Fall to winter 2024

    Tendering and approvals

  • Winter 2024

    Construction start

  • Summer 2026

    Construction completion

Track and field strategy (9.47 MB)

We are working with the Vancouver School Board to provide accessible, diverse, and high quality track and field amenities.