Getting involved

Participants in Vancouver Food Strategy consultation

People are at the heart of Vancouver's food systems.

If you are passionate about food issues, you can help.

Join your local neighbourhood food network, or attend meetings or become a member of a City or Parks Board committee. 

Help shape your local food system

Neighbourhood food networks

Neighbourhood food networks are coalitions that promote health, wellness, and positive change for communities and the environment. Get links to networks in Vancouver.

Vancouver Food Policy Council

Advises City Council and staff on improving food sustainability in Vancouver, including program and policy changes to improve the local food system.

News from the Vancouver Food Policy Council


The Vancouver Food Policy Council is a citizen committee working to help improve food sustainability in the city.

Visit their blog to learn about their latest work.

Read the blog 

National Food Policy

In September 2017, we submitted a response to the National Food Policy consultations.

Read our submission  (500 KB)

Read the Federal Government's response  (115 KB)