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41st Avenue B-Line

Benefits of bus priority lanes

  • A transit lane has the potential to carry significantly more people than a regular travel lane
  • Separating buses helps improve the overall flow of traffic and reduces delays from parallel parking activities and pulling in and out of traffic to pick up passengers

The City of Vancouver and TransLink are working to improve transit by implementing a new B-Line bus service along 41st Ave from Joyce-Collingwood Station to UBC, the second busiest transit street in the region after Broadway.

This transit improvement is part of the Mayors 10-Year Vision  and the City’s Congestion Management Strategy (1 MB) and aims to make transit more convenient and attractive to people travelling in Vancouver. See an overview and description of the changes along 41st Ave (129 KB)

Support for businesses and residents

The City of Vancouver and Translink are committed to helping residents and businesses through this change.

If you have questions related to street parking or loading zones, contact the Parking Information Officer at 604-829-9221. 

For other inquiries call 3-1-1 or email us at We have limited availability but will answer questions in person for those that are not able to contact us by email or phone.

Please go to your local area for more details. 


The new B-Line will replace the current 43 Express Bus Route and feature the following improvements:

Improvements New B-Line Current 43 Express Bus
Higher frequency of service Every 3-6 minutes at peak times* and 8-15 minutes at non-peak times Every 7-8 minutes at peak times* and 10-15 minutes at non-peak times
Longer operating hours 6am to 1am, every day of the week 6am to 10pm, Monday to Friday
New buses All buses on the route will be new, longer diesel-electric hydrid buses with all-door boarding and air conditioning Some buses are regular length while others are longer; all are disel-powered and non have air conditioning
More bus stop amenities Real-time bus information displays, added benches No real-time bus information displays, limited benches

 Peak times are 6am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm. Non-peak hours are all hours outside these times.

Changes to your local area

What TransLink heard in the first phase of consultation

Public support from current transit riders for frequency, routing, and general stop amenities for the 41st Avenue B-Line proposal was overwhelmingly positive:

  • Support from public transit users was strong across all proposed transit priority measures
  • The majority of respondents supported the proposed 41st Ave B-Line stop locations, changes to local routes, and transit priority measures
  • A large majority of respondents supported changes to streets and intersections to support speed and reliability of the new 41st Ave B-Line

90% of respondents supported all four proposed B-Lines.

Learn more about TransLink’s consultation and how data was collected: B-Line Program 

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