Rendering of future NEFC park design

Park design: Northeast False Creek

A waterfront destination park at the heart of the city filled with people and activities, and connected to nature

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The park provides settings for diverse programs, links together neighbourhoods, and enhances inland and shoreline ecologies.

Key documents and presentations

Key feature illustrations

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  • Key features

    By City of Vancouver

  • Stroll down the Carrall connection

    By City of Vancouver

    The waterfront extends deep into the park following the historic Carrall Street along a water-to-water, north-south axis, and features a series of social and play spaces framed by an elevated pedestrian bridge and a ground-level promenade.

  • Enjoy the scents and colours of the gardens

    By City of Vancouver

    A collection of garden beds planted with a mixture of seasonally-diverse meadow grasses, perennials, bulbs, and flowering shrubs allow for a tranquil and ever-changing park experience.

  • Observe aquatic ecosystems of the wetland

    By City of Vancouver

    Rain water is collected from parkland and elevated structures and conveyed through a sequence of wetlands, which purifies the water in a diverse habitat display.

  • Refresh at the water play area

    By City of Vancouver

    The Splash Plaza offers a safe opportunity to interact with water, reinforcing the connection to False Creek. It's a flexible feature that can support play, public art, and programmed events when turned off.

  • Skate with friends at the skate park

    By City of Vancouver

    The skate plaza anchors the active corner of Quebec Street and Pacific Boulevard. The highly visible canopy above the plaza serves both as a welcoming beacon and provides cover for skaters and spectators alike.

  • Enjoy the views from the lookouts of the Dunsmuir elevated park

    By City of Vancouver

    The Dunsmuir Elevated Park is on top of highlands facing south, providing uninterrupted views over the park and to the creek beyond. It's a great place to stop and relax.

  • Meet at the pavillion

    By City of Vancouver

    A simple pavilion offers flexible community event space and a food and beverage destination within the park, with plenty of space for tables and chairs under the tree canopy or open to the sky.

  • Relax at the great lawn

    By City of Vancouver

    A flexible green open space for relaxing, gathering, celebrating, and enjoying views of False Creek.

  • Jump at the playground

    By City of Vancouver

    The park integrates a rich mix of spaces, multipurpose features, sports fields, fitness spaces, and landscape elements that encourage play for all ages.

Park concepts

Views and vistas

The proposed design for the park preserves existing views and opens up new ones. From various areas in the park you'll be able to see the mountains, soak up the sun, and enjoy water and city views. In these large family-oriented park spaces, residents and visitors can stretch out a blanket for a picnic, throw a frisbee, or find shade under many trees.

A continuous waterfront

The park design proposes a continuous waterfront promenade that ties together the east basin of False Creek. The promenade lengthens the shoreline and connects the major features of the park. This is an active, social space year round where people come to stroll, jog, gather, and have lunch.

Enhance ecology

Northeast False Creek Park aims to expand and interconnect False Creek ecosystems, and to ease impacts of sea-level rise. The park descends to the water in intertidal inlets. Steps and ramps provide access to gravel beaches, home to intertidal habitat. Diverse plant life fills the park, giving each area a distinct quality, ranging from wide open to dense and enclosed.

Guiding principles




Stage 1 reports

Park design stage two concept report (9.37 MB)

Read about the draft park design concept.

Stage one engagement summary (5.59 MB)

Read the summary of the feedback received from the public and stakeholders on the early directions for the park design.

Parks and open spaces video

The Northeast False Creek park design process will complete the series of public spaces along the False Creek waterfront.

Documents and studies

View the policies, strategies, studies, and public feedback that have shaped Northeast False Creek.

Stage one engagement summaryPark design stage two concept report