Panorama of False Creek at daytime showing Science World and BC Place Stadium

Park design: Northeast False Creek

A place to connect with nature, culture, and the city in a waterfront environment.

Park design early directions (20.42 MB)

Read about our progress and our public consultation to date. The early directions will continue to evolve through the design process.

Stage one engagement summary (5.59 MB)

Read the summary of the feedback received from the public and stakeholders on the early directions for the park design.

Parks and open spaces video

The Northeast False Creek park design process will complete the series of public spaces along the False Creek waterfront.

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Northeast False Creek will have a destination park and new open spaces for gathering, events, and recreation.

Key documents

Opportunities for new and renewed parks in the area

We're considering the following in designing Northeast False Creek's parks and open spaces:

  • Extending Creekside Park from the existing Creekside Park by Science World, up to Andy Livingstone Park in the north
  • Creating and renewing park and open spaces that connect between the waterfront, new and existing communities, and Downtown
  • Integrating sustainable features that provide habitat for urban wildlife and encourage everyone to connect to nature
  • Integrating bikeways and pathways in parks and open spaces
  • Providing play areas for all ages
  • Activating the water’s edge and incorporating water-based activities including non-motorized boating
  • Providing places and opportunities for social interaction, cultural expression, public art, events, and celebrations


Northeast False Creek: Key parks and open spaces

By City of Vancouver


  • Creekside Park Renewal

    By City of Vancouver

    The park will be redesigned to integrate with the new park spaces to the north. Changes may include re-configuring the seawall, pathways, and bikeways, and removing portions of the deck built for Expo 86.

  • Creekside Park Extension

    By City of Vancouver

    The removal of the viaducts provides the opportunity to build a truly remarkable park in the heart of Vancouver.

  • Dunsmuir Connection (new)

    By City of Vancouver

    A section of the existing Dunsmuir Viaduct will be maintained to create an elevated park that will be a link for people walking and cycling to the downtown core and new parks in the area.

  • Carral Street converted to park

    By City of Vancouver

    With the removal of the viaducts, a portion of Carrall Street (south of Keefer Street) will be converted to a park; providing a unique opportunity to better integrate the east and west sides of the park.

  • Andy Livingstone Park Renewal

    By City of Vancouver

    This park will be significantly redesigned and improved. Major components like the sports fields will remain and be integrated into the new design. The existing paths and bikeways will be rethought to better align with the new pedestrian and cycling network and connection to the waterfront.

  • Downtown Skateboard Park Rebuild

    By City of Vancouver

    The skate plaza needs to be redesigned and potentially moved with removing the viaducts. Options to renew and improve the skate plaza will be integrated into the design.

Creekside Park extension

This new, prominent park will extend from the existing Creekside Park by Science World up to Andy Livingstone Park in the north. It will complete the series of public spaces along the False Creek waterfront and reconnect the seawall as an adjoining and engaging loop. 

Key features

Previous consultation has helped identify some key attributes that will be considered in the design process.

The park will be a new major destination where residents and visitors can play and connect with nature in a waterfront environment.

We can expect to see:

  • A walkway and bikeway completing the seawall loop around False Creek
  • A lawn
  • Innovative play areas for all ages
  • A greener shoreline that allows access to the water
  • A new skate plaza
  • A renewed Andy Livingstone park with a new playground and other recreation spaces
  • An elevated linear walkway and bikeway connecting Dunsmuir Street to the park

Event spaces

Event spaces

It is anticipated that the park will accommodate cultural events and performances at various scales in different areas of the park.

People attending special events at Rogers Arena and BC Place will naturally flow into a new restaurant area and waterfront environment that overlooks False Creek.


Naturalized and biodiverse areas

Naturalized and biodiverse areas

Naturalized and biodiverse zones in the parks will:

  • Provide habitat for birds and urban wildlife
  • Encourage downtown residents to connect with nature
  • Contribute to improve the water quality and environmental health of False Creek, which has recently seen an increase in visits of seals, herring, grey whales, and other aquatic life


Areas for active play and sport

Areas for active play and sport

A redesigned waterfront will support activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and dragon boating on False Creek.

Innovative play, exercise, and leisure areas will support activities for all ages.

Walking and cycling paths will be available to residents and visitors to the area.

Two soccer fields will remain and be integrated with the new design. 


Documents and studies

View the policies, strategies, studies, and public feedback that have shaped Northeast False Creek.

Stage one engagement summaryPark design early directions