Passive house, photo credit: Kingdom Home Builders, 2018

High performance building standards

Catalyst tools

To support innovation and design to high performance building standards, catalyst tools such as additional floor area allowances are available for multi-unit residential projects. 

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High performance buildings that meet Passive House and Net Zero Energy certified standards are recognized as pathways to meet Vancouver Building By-law energy requirements, rezoning conditions, and also serve as applicable standards to qualify for a number of discretionary zoning variances. 

Rezoning projects

All rezoning applications submitted after May 1, 2017, are required to meet near zero standards or low emissions targets. This requirement can be met by constructing to Passive House, CHBA Net Zero Homes, and other accepted standard.

Read more details in the Green Buildings Policy for Rezoning - Process and Requirements Bulletin  (319 KB).

Zoning variances

Online resources, training, and case studies

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Building a new house energy requirements and resources

All homes must be designed for energy efficiency. Learn how to comply with the Vancouver Building Bylaw for your new home up to 3 storeys.

Zero emissions buildings

We are working to have no GHG emissions from all new buildings by 2030. Learn how we’ll get there. Review policies, code requirements, and more.