Climate emergency: Home heating and cooling

Today, nearly 60% of all emissions in Vancouver come from burning natural gas (a fossil fuel) for heating and hot water in our buildings.

The good news is we can heat our buildings without burning fossil fuels, while making them more comfortable during extreme temperatures and wildfire smoke events.

We regularly update our building code to make new buildings more energy efficiency and use renewable energy. Our zero emissions building plan (ZEB) aims to eliminate carbon pollution from new buildings before 2030. Because of this plan, new buildings produce 70% less carbon pollution than they did in 2007.

As part of our Climate Emergency Action Plan, we’ve committed to cut emissions in half by 2030, and we’re exploring ways to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings, including detached houses.

To support home owners and occupants to be part of the solution to our climate crisis, we’re developing the Climate Emergency: Home Heating and Cooling program to reduce emissions from detached houses across the city.

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