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Private realm rainwater management

What you need to know

The Rainwater Management Bulletin (903 KB) provides rezoning, development, and building permit applicants with information on the process and submission requirements related to rainwater management at development sites throughout Vancouver.

Current areas of concern

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On-site rainwater management is needed to mitigate the impacts of increasing rainfall intensity due to climate change and increasing runoff caused by added imperviousness from denser development.

This will be achieved through a combination of increased pervious surfaces that allow rainwater to infiltrate, landscaped systems which allow rainwater to irrigate and evaporate, and capture and use of rainwater.

The use of water-sensitive site design and green rainwater infrastructure practices or source controls keeps harmful rainwater pollutants from entering our receiving waters, adds resilience to our drainage system, and reduces combined sewer overflows.

Implementing more green rainwater infrastructure and increasing pervious surfaces in Vancouver, are part of our holistic One Water approach to valuing water in all its forms.

Key concerns

Additional resources

Citywide Integrated Rainwater Management Plan

The City has developed an integrated rainwater management plan that will make Vancouver’s abundant rainwater a resource, conserve our potable water supply, and support our urban watersheds.

Engineering Design Manual (9.94 MB)

Provides guidance for municipal infrastructure design and incorporates information previously found in other design documents.

Metro Vancouver Stormwater Source Control Design Guidelines

A design resource to address the volume reduction and water quality requirements.