Certified Professional Program

The Certified Professional (CP) program facilitates the issuance of building permits for new or existing buildings by allowing certified professionals to take on the full review and inspection role on behalf of the City.

Under the CP permit process, permit issuance can be staged, allowing construction to start earlier than otherwise – an advantage to building owners wanting to expedite their projects.

Under the Certification of Professionals By-law  (120 KB), the City can issue a building permit on the certification of a recognized registered professional architect or engineer.

  All required City approvals, such as the development permit, must be in place prior to issuance of a particular stage.

CPs don't replace registered professionals normally involved in a construction project but rather provide an additional level of Building By-law review traditionally carried out by City staff.

New electronic applications

Our new electronic applications allows you to submit permit applications electronically and perform other functions digitally. Currently, some permits can be submitted online and may include the payment of fees. We’re working on adding more permits online over time. Please refer to your specific permit's steps for more information.

Learn more about submitting your permit application electronically



Permit process

Certified Professional Advisory Group

The advisory group organizes the Certified Professional Education Program and sets the course outline and curriculum in collaboration with the City of Vancouver.

Become a CP

To be recognized as a CP, you need to pass the CP course and meet the requirements of the CP By-law.

The CP course is offered on a regular basis. Check the following two websites for upcoming dates.

Questions about the course or program

Contact the Certified Professional Program Manager:

Teresa Coady
FRAIC Architect AIBC AIA LEED Fellow Engineers and Geoscientists BC / Architectural Institute of British Columbia