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Tenant Improvement Program (TIPs)

What you need to know

The Tenant Improvement Program (TIPs) is a dedicated stream for office tenants in eligible commercial buildings to get their building permit for minor interior renovations faster.

If eligible for the program, you will: 

  • Not need a new development permit 
  • Have an expedited field review

Want to participate in TIPs?

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Include your building on the TIPs list.

Buildings on the TIPs list

Blue pinBuildings completed

Light blue pinBuildings under construction 

Purple pinBuildings under construction - major projects

Before you apply, review steps to applying for a TIPs building permit. 

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Commercial tenant

Steps to applying for a TIPs building permit

All applications are processed in the order they are received. We aim to complete an initial review of the application and contact you within 5 to 10 business days.

We are unable to accept incomplete applications – these will be returned with a request to resubmit with all required items.

New electronic applications

Our new electronic applications allows you to submit permit applications electronically and perform other functions digitally. Currently, some permits can be submitted online and may include the payment of fees. We’re working on adding more permits online over time. Refer to your specific permit's steps for more information.

Learn more about submitting your permit application electronically

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre

Contact us online

The Development and Building Centre is open for in-person scheduled appointments or payments. 

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Development and Building Centre
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Permits, inspections, and forms

Apply for and manage permit

Review regulations and apply for the required permits for your construction or renovation project.


Book or cancel an electrical, plumbing, building, fire sprinkler, gas, or sidewalk inspection for your construction or renovation project.

Forms, checklists, and bulletins

View and download the building or development permit application forms and submission requirements.