Field review

Construction site inspector with checklist

Field reviews are part of an alternative permit-issuing process for small renovation projects which will not require major upgrading but which do require a building permit.

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For information specific to the proposed project on your property, call the Development and Building Services Centre at 604-873-7611. Our staff will help you determine which permits you need, and help you navigate through the process, so you can speak to your contractor with confidence.

Submission requirements

The field review submission checklist is an extensive list of all possible application submission requirements. Please review in detail to determine which documents your project will need.

 Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Energy requirements

 Field review projects are required to comply with the energy requirements of the Vancouver Building Bylaw. 

Multi-family buildings

  • In-suite alteration requirements (interior work only): Alterations to any interior portion of a residential suite must comply with the requirements laid out in the Alterations to Residential Suites checklist.
  • Base building alteration requirements: Alterations to any part of a building (such as the exterior wall, roof and glazing systems), excluding interior work of residential suites, must comply with the requirements laid out in the Alterations to Existing Buildings checklist.

The Alterations to Residential Suites and Alterations to Existing Buildings checklists can be found on page two of:

Single-family home renovations

Energy requirements for single family home renovations

Application document links

 Additional documents may be required. Refer to the Field Review submission checklist for a complete list

Process and timelines

  1. To submit your application, visit the Development and Building Services Centre in person at 515 W 10th Ave or call 604-873-7611 to book an appointment.
  2. Bring your application, relevant checklists, and supporting documents to your appointment.
  3. Development and Building Services Centre staff will review your application. They will let you know if your project qualifies for the field review process.
  4. If your project does not qualify, your application will be directed to the standard permit-issuing process. If your project does qualify, staff will review the rest of your application.
  5. If your original application is complete, the field review can be completed within about four weeks (dependent on application volume). You will be notified that the review is complete.
  6. After you receive your notification, contact 3-1-1 to arrange an inspection. 3-1-1 will leave a message for the inspector and the inspector will contact you to confirm the date of the Field Review.
  7. The inspector will bring your drawings to the site when they conduct the inspection.
  8. Where appropriate, the inspector will authorize issuance of your permit. The inspector may add conditions to the permit if needed.
  9. We will notify you when your permit is ready for pick up.

The length of the inspection itself will vary, depending on how much work must be inspected, and what the inspector finds once on site.

Permit and inspection fees

Inspection fees are included in the permit.

However, you will have to pay a re-inspection fee if:

  • You miss one or more meetings as a result of access
  • The inspector finds incomplete work that had been identified on a previous inspection
  • The inspector finds too many non-compliances

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