Sample property tax notice

Sample page of City of Vancouver property tax notice


A Folio number The unique 12-digit folio number attached to your property. This number stays with the property so if you change properties, be sure to update any banking payment information

Access code

The six-digit access code required to sign up for online services, make your Empty Homes Tax property status declaration, and more


Five-year land averaging (for applicable properties only)

As a result of the Land Averaging By-Law, some properties will see adjusted tax rates and assessed values. Adjusted values are shown on the tax notice as Taxable 20XX Land. Learn more about land assessment averaging


Parcel identifier (PID)

The unique property identifying number that cross-references with land titles and BC assessment


Home Owner Grant

These three columns detail your taxes owing whether claiming the basic, additional/ seniors or no home owner grant, if available. Each year, you must apply online to claim your eligible deduction


Additional school tax (for applicable properties only)

Residential properties valued above $3 million (before land averaging is applied) may be subject to the additional school tax .

Additional school tax is levied on the assessed value, not on the averaged value. Other levies on the tax notice, including provincial school tax, are based on the averaged value. The two values are not always the same.


Total taxes due

This area is your calculated total taxes due, based on home owner grants claimed, as well as any Advance Tax or other payments, adjustments, or arrears, including applicable interest. Arrears may also include prior year unpaid Empty Homes Tax levies


Property owner name(s)

The names of all owners of the property. If there are multiple registered owners, then each name will appear on the notice, sometimes resulting in multiple notices being issued

I Jurisdiction and roll number When claiming your home owner grant at , you will need to enter your jurisdiction and roll number.
Not shown on above sample

Tax Instalment Prepayment Plan  (TIPP) Estimate

Property owners who are NOT part of the Tax Instalment Prepayment Plan (TIPP) will see estimates of what their 10 monthly payments would be