Street drainage and catch basins

Report storm drain or catch basin problems, including flooding, to the City.

Catch basins, also called storm drains, are installed in curbs to receive, and direct the flow of storm water into City sewer mains.

A clogged catch basin, and missing or damaged grates can lead to:

  • Flooding
  • Street and property damage
  • Unsafe conditions for drivers and pedestrians

In areas with separated sewers, the water from catch basins routes through underground pipes back into local streams, and not to the sewage treatment plant along with household and industrial wastewater.

Recovering lost items

Call 3-1-1 if you accidently drop a personal item, like your keys, down a city catch basin.

We will do our best to help you get your property back.

Other ways to help

Follow our tips to minimize flooding

Understand our sewer separation program