Indoor cycling

Indoor cycling is a motivating exercise class that uses high-performance spin bicycles to burn calories, build muscle, and relieve stress.

Search for a class near you, and contact a fitness centre if you have questions about reserving or using the indoor bicycles.

icon please note The minimum age to attend indoor cycling classes is 13 years.

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Drop-in indoor cycling schedules

Find out where you can drop-in to an indoor cycling class at one of our community centres.

Indoor cycling classes

Class  Description 
Cycle Xpress 45 minutes of riding, including a quick warm-up and cool down. Designed to get your workout in and to get you on your way!
Cycle Fit   60 minutes of indoor riding, with a longer warm-up and cool down. 
Cycle Core  30 minutes of cycling, including the warm-up, followed by 30 minutes of core training (abs and back) and stretching. 
Cycle Plus  75 minutes of riding for more advanced riders .
Gran Enduro  A long ride for cyclists looking to improve their endurance. 

Indoor cycling fees

Prices do not include tax.

Type Price
Drop-in admission  $7.41
10-pack admission $66.69