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It takes everyone’s help to build a great city that we love. Thank you to our volunteers and residents for the great work you do.

Watch these videos about what we do

Repairing sidewalks

Ride along with Jeri and Mike from the Engineering fillet crew. Find out what's involved in repairing a sidewalk, from picking up the hot asphalt mix to smoothing it out, and tamping it in.

Worker standing next to road closure sign

Inspecting a tide gate

Join the team from Sewer Maintenance as they inspect one of the City's tide gates in Southlands for cracks, damage, and debris. Together, they keep this important piece of flood management infrastructure in smooth working order.

Worker standing next to road closure sign

Fixing cracks in the road

Our hot pour crew fixes cracks in our roads to keep the city moving. Join Thomas Greekas as he explains what the work involves and how a little bit of tar can keep our roads going for years.

Metal fabricator Jenn Anderson

Fixing our fleet

Learn how our fleet and manufacturing services team helps keep our fleet on the road.

Sewer worker

Clearing sewer pipes

Learn how our Sewer Operations team is out there helping catch basins and sewer pipes flow freely.

Getting your garbage ready for pickup

Join sanitation worker Mike Degan as he explains his typical work day. He gives some helpful tips for getting your garbage ready for pick up and describes the correct way to dispose of used masks and gloves.

Keeping traffic moving

Learn about our parking enforcement officers while they patrol to help keep kids safe and traffic moving.

Georgia water main upgrades

Find out what's involved in replacing an aging water main along on of Vancouver's busiest corridors.

Story of a garbage can

Dive into the story of Vancouver’s garbage cans. Vancouver has over 3,000 waste bins helping keep city streets clean.

Water quality

Neil and Preet explain where our drinking water comes from, and how the City keeps the water quality high when it arrives in your glass.

Street cleaning

Dan walks you through a night in the life of a City street cleaner. Learn how he and his crew help to keep our city clean and spectacular.

Ready for snow and ice

Meet Nic and Luis. Their job is to make sure our snow equipment is ready for winter. Get an up close look at the brine trucks, snow plows, and salters before they hit the streets.

Taking care of our street lights

Ever wonder who's taking care of our street lights and traffic signals? Find out about our dedicated team of electricians and technicians during a night shift ride-along with Katie.

Nanaimo upgrades

Sheana and Ivan show you the Nanaimo Street Upgrades, upgrading the essential infrastructure you use every day.

Trading cards

What kind of vehicles help build our city? See our trading cards with eight great members of our fleet.

You can get the cards from staff working with these vehicles around the city! 

Trading cards

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