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Engineering artist-in-residence

Under the theme, “Shifting Paradigm – City in Transformation”, our Engineering Department has launched an Artist-in-Residence program to host three artists, each for an 18-month residency term.

Artists will work collaboratively with our team to explore the work of Engineering Services with a specific focus on opportunities for public art within the City’s operations, facilities, and capital construction projects.

The artist will also identify opportunities for temporary and future artworks that interact with ideas and practices of city planning, infrastructural development, engineering operations, and sustainability. 

What's happening

We've selected our first Artist-in-Residence for Engineering Services

We are pleased to announce Germaine Koh as the new Artist-in-Residence for its Engineering department.

Koh is an internationally active, Vancouver-based artist whose work often intervenes in existing technological, architectural, and social systems to create connections.

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Our intent of the residency is to open dialogue and encourage new perspectives in engineering projects and services


Artists should have:

  • An established practice recognized by peers in the field
  • An interest in public works
  • Demonstrated experience working in the public realm 

Experience working with diverse communities and ages is an asset. Artists may work in various media including but not limited to sculpture, installation, painting and drawing, performance, audio, and video.