Person painting an outdoor mural

Mural program artist calls

We are inviting proposals for temporary painted murals and digital printed artwork to be installed in the public realm. 

As part of reconciliation and cultural redress, these artist calls aim to celebrate the creativity of our rich and varied cultural communities.

Artists will be commissioned by an external 3 to 5 member panel of local artists and art professionals with a connection to each respective community.

What’s happening 最新動態

The artist calls are currently open. Applications will be accepted until March 20, 2019 at 4pm. 


How to apply

  1. Read the artist call guidelines
  2. Apply online under “Public Art Commission”

Apply now


  1. 請閱讀藝術徵集計劃指引
  2. 網上申請“Public Art Commission”


2019 key dates

Mid-February Artist call open
March 20 Artist call closed
  • Short-listed artists announced
  • Short-listed artists submit design proposal
  • Panel evaluates proposals
  • Commissions awarded
  • Artwork production begins
August Artwork complete


二月中 徴集開始
三月二十日 徵集截止
  • 第一階段:公佈入圍名單
  • 入圍藝術工作者提交創作建議
  • 第二階段:  評審小組審批創作建議
  • 向獲選藝術工作者發出邀請
  • 開始創作
八月份 完成創作