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Housing Vancouver strategy: Three-year action plan

Prioritizing housing for Vancouver residents, addressing the impact of speculation on land prices, and protecting and supporting our renters and most vulnerable residents.

With over 120 actions, the three-year action plan directs how we are moving forward to make housing more livable and affordable for our residents.

Some of these actions will take time, while some are being implemented now. Overall, our goal is to ensure that housing in Vancouver supports residents of all incomes now and into the future.

We’ve taken significant action in recent years to address the affordability crisis, but we need to do more.

Tracking our progress

Read the Housing Vancouver Annual Progress Report 2018 and Data Book  (14 MB)

Background and documents

Read the full Housing Vancouver strategy  (2.5 MB) and the reports and research that informed it.

Background and documents

What are we doing?

We have been working hard to address the housing crisis. In some areas change is already happening. However, other actions may take some time to see an impact, but overall, you can expect a significant shift in our approach to housing in Vancouver.

Underway or complete


  • Renter protection manager hired
  • Social Purpose Real Estate Incentive Program
  • Community amenity contribution policy amendments for rental housing  (1.5 MB)
  • New neighbourhood centre planning programs to advance the transformation of low-density neighbourhoods
  • Increased  renter protections through enhanced tenant relocation and protection policies
  • Partner in the development of a 10-year regional Indigenous housing strategy
  • Launch SRO Revitalization Fund
  • Density bonus provisions for rental housing in commercial zoning districts

Priorities driving our actions

We are prioritizing actions and policy to focus on several key objectives because we believe it’s where we can see the most impact to create real change in Vancouver.

We will:

  • Implement the Moderate Income Rental Housing Pilot Program
  • Launch a Social Purpose Real Estate Incentive Program
  • Identify opportunities for deeper affordability and to encourage the right supply through new and existing policies, programs, and plans
  • Enable new opportunities to evolve low-density areas through creative ground-oriented, infill, and low-rise options and to transform low-density areas near transit corridors and neighborhood centres
  • Ensure that adequate shares of new housing are designed to meet the needs of families and people with mobility challenges, disabilities, and other populations with specific accessibility needs
  • Integrate Indigenous design principles into a wider variety of housing options
  • Explore opportunities for new tenure models that encourage security of tenure and community building
  • Develop a new Affordable Housing Delivery and Financial Strategy  (740 KB)

We will:

  • Launch new planning policy to evaluate and stabilize land values
  • Explore opportunities to zone for rental tenure in certain areas of the city to prioritize new rental housing
  • Implement Canada’s first Empty Homes Tax
  • Implement short-term rental regulations

We will continue to work with the provincial and federal governments on the broader tax and financial regulatory environment for housing to help stabilize land values for a more balanced and equitable real estate market. This includes exploring several possible actions such as:

  • A speculation and flipping tax
  • Increases in provincial Property Transfer Tax on luxury properties
  • Restricting property ownership by non-permanent residents

To support renters to access housing they need and can afford we will:

  • Encourage development of new rental homes along transit corridors and new transit stations
  • Strengthen our Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy
  • Accelerate replacement of SROs with self-contained social housing
  • Work with senior government to initiate a $200 million SRO Revitalization Fund
  • Request funding to build 1,200 units of temporary modular supportive housing
  • Partner in the development of a 10-year Indigenous Housing Strategy
  • Enhance City capacity to address renter impacts of renovations and redevelopment

We will:

We will:

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