Vancouver Affordable Housing Endowment Fund (VAHEF)

The Vancouver Affordable Housing Endowment Fund (VAHEF) will consolidate all city-owned non-market housing assets into a single portfolio with a mandate to preserve and grow the City’s affordable housing stock in a sustainable way.

Our goals

  • Affordability: Create and maintain homes that are affordable to a diversity of Vancouver residents earning lower incomes and for those living in poverty or at risk of homelessness
  • Growth: Invest in new affordable housing in line with the demand
  • Health and safety:  Manage the portfolio of affordable housing assets through appropriate operation, maintenance, renewal, development, and redevelopment to ensure safe and healthy homes
  • Community and security: Provide long-term homes that support residents’ participation in the community and increases their sense of social inclusion and security
  • Financial sustainability: Maintain the financial sustainability of the endowment to continually contribute to meeting housing needs

What's happening

We're currently developing a strategy and will report back to Council in early 2020.

This will include:

  • Portfolio strategies
  • Governance structure
  • Operating and delivery models
  • A transition plan

External stakeholder engagement panel

We've created an External Stakeholder Engagement Panel to provide feedback on key issues, options, and directions for the creation of an endowment fund focused on affordable non-market housing.

Members include a cross-section of external housing industry-familiar individuals with interests in affordable non-market housing and specific knowledge of the Vancouver housing landscape. This includes membership from:

  • Federal, provincial, and regional governments
  • Community housing nonprofit organizations
  • Urban indigenous housing providers
  • Private developers
  • Asset and property managers
  • Financiers

The Panel will meet monthly from September 2019 to March 2020.