Laneway house

Laneway housing

Laneway houses create opportunities to increase the diversity of rental units in low density neighbourhoods by providing: 

  • An additional housing option beyond owning a house or renting a basement suite 
  • More opportunities to live in detached and ground-oriented rental housing 
  • Housing for diverse groups of people, including seniors ready to downsize, adult children who want to live independently, and renters who want to live in detached housing 
  • More opportunities for people to live in neighbourhoods across the city, close to their jobs, services, and frequent transit

Laneway house guide

In the how-to guide, get:

  • Steps to prepare and submit an application
  • Illustrations of regulations and guidelines
  • Example floor plans
  • Resources and links
  • Photos of completed laneway houses

Download guide (9 MB)

Build a laneway house

About the policy

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