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Character Home Zoning Review

Heritage and character buildings are valued by many Vancouver residents, and are an important component of defining neighbourhood identity and character.

In recent years, we've heard growing public concern over the loss of character homes in the city.

We started the Character Home Zoning Review in response to these concerns as part of the Heritage Action Plan, a comprehensive program approved by Council in 2013 to review and improve how we support heritage conservation in Vancouver.

Retain your character house

There are guidelines and eligibility requirements for retaining your character home.

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What's happening

Council enacts bylaw amendments

On January 16, 2018, Council enacted changes to the RS District Schedules and approved the Guidelines for Additions, Infill, and Multiple Conversion Dwelling in Association with the Retention of a Character House in a RS Zone. In addition, amendments to the strata title policies were also approved.


Past updates

October 2017

On October 3, 2017, Council approved amendments to the Zoning and Development Bylaw. The amendments introduce character retention incentives and increased opportunities for housing choice in all single-family (RS) zones across the city.

July 2017

On July 25, 2017, Council received the staff report to introduce character home retention incentives and new housing choices in single-family zones, and amend the Zoning and Development Bylaw.

The report has been referred to a public hearing in the fall, when the public will have the opportunity to speak to Council on the report recommendations.

View the report and Council meeting agenda