Ditching management

Each fall, from September to December, we clean and dredge ditches in Blenheim and Dunbar flats to prevent flooding and ensure water continues to flow freely.

We use a Gradall excavator with a dredging bucket to maintain water flow.

Our work is timed to avoid bird nesting season (March to mid-August) in Vancouver.

Ditching areas in Blenheim and Dunbar flats

How it works

  • Every April and September we measure ditch depths to monitor changes caused by buildup. Where needed, we remove impediments from the base of the ditches to maintain water flow.
  • We post "No Parking" signs one day before ditching in the designated area.
  • We set up temporary road closures during ditching with a traffic control setup for public, horse, and crew safety.
  • We use a Gradall excavator with a dredging bucket to clear loose impediments from the ditch base, load them onto a tandem, and dump them into a nearby pit.
  • Once a week, we haul the material from the pit to the bog for disposal.
  • We respond to 3-1-1 calls as required and conduct weekly checks on culverts for beaver dam blockage.
  • In the event of beaver dam blockage, we use a Hydrovac to clear debris from culverts to maintain water flow.