Use the VanConnect app to report potholes to the City

Report potholes to help keep roads safe

Keeping our roads safe and in a state of good repair is our priority.

Repairing potholes is an affordable way to maintain our roads. Potholes can form on older road surfaces due to seasonal changes in temperature – freezing and thawing.

Our crews routinely monitor road conditions and identify areas that need repairs. Road users and business owners can help by reporting potholes when you see them. This year, we will spend more than $350,000 to repair potholes across the city.

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  •  Report potholes on streets and in bike lanes
  •  Use your GPS to identify the location
  •  Get updates on service request status

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Reporting a pothole is quick and easy

Provided that the issue is non-emergency, use one of these methods to get City crews to your community. We will assess the pothole and schedule a repair. Most potholes can be repaired within 48 hours.

Best option for quick service

Use the VanConnect app to avoid waiting on hold. Follow the steps within the app. 

View video on how to report potholes on VanConnect .

If you don't have a smartphone, try the desktop version.

Talk to someone or report urgent issues

Call 3-1-1 with the location, size and depth of the pothole.

Report potholes now

Use our VanConnect app to notify us of potholes. 

Report potholes online

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